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Nick: "What the hell are musicals?"

"It appears to be a play where the dialogue stops,
And the plot is conveyed through song"

Nick: "Through song?"

Nostradamus: "Yes."

Nick: "Wait, so an actor is saying his lines and out of nowhere he just starts singing?"

Nostradamus: "Yes."

Nick: "Well that is the,"
(Singing) Stupidest thing that I have ever heard
You're doing a play, got something to say
So you sing it?
It's absurd.
Who on earth is going to sit there while an actor breaks into song
And what possible thought could the audience think
Other than 'This is horribly wrong'

'A Musical' from Something Rotten


Ex Wives

TD Remix

The full TD Remixed program has now streamed live and is available to watch on Facebook and YouTube, and all our pre-recorded videos are now available to view on Smule. And what better way to kick off the social media sharing than our opening number, our guy glam cover of Ex Wives from the musical Six! 👑 Stay with us as we unfold the entire story of our revue, but for now enjoy the stories of the six fierce wives of Henry VIII.


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