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Presenting "For Good" from Wicked

Elphaba and Galinda, despite their differences, become best friends and truly change one another’s lives forever. “For Good” from Wicked.

Presenting "Something Bad" from Wicked

Something truly baaaaaaad is happening in Dr. Dillamond confides in Elphaba his fears and suspicions as he notices magic turning...

Presenting "What Is This Feeling" from Wicked

“What is this feeling”?! LOATHING! Galinda and Elphaba express their true feelings for one other upon meeting at Shiz, their new school.

Presenting "One Short Day" from Wicked

The cast of Theatre District takes you on a journey through the Emerald City performing “One Short Day” from Wicked.

Presenting "For Good" from Wicked

In perhaps one of the most gorgeous duets in Broadway history, Elphaba and Galinda say goodbye and sing of how their friendship has...

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